Chef Pascal is a world renowned chef who has cooked in Michelin-star kitchens and been in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years. The Belgian-born chef has had a distinguished career, and is now setting down roots in San Diego with his latest venture, Crudo.

Pascal was born in Belgium and as a child would accompany his family on weekly trips to the market to help his parents prepare his favorite dish, “pave de cabillaud” (cod steak). From the age of six, Lorange wanted to continue in the family tradition of four generations of chefs, including his grandfather, uncle, brother and nephew.

Pascal launched his culinary career in the esteemed kitchens of some of Europe’s most distinguished Michelin-star restaurants. At age 17, he began working at the one-Michelin-star Le Prince de Liege in Gembloux, Belgium. At 18, he went to work for three-star Michelin Chef Georges Blanc in Vonnas, France. These early experiences set the stage for an exciting culinary career that continues to flourish today.

By age 22, Pascal was traveling through kitchens all over Europe. During the next several years, he spent five years as a chef on a yacht in the Canary Islands and cooked in the kitchen of the five-star Hotel Jardin Tropical. At 28, he moved to one of the world’s culinary hot-spots, New York City, and worked for Le Pain Quotidien. At age 30, he caught the attention of international superstar Julio Iglesias and became his private chef for several years. In his position, he cooked for numerous dignitaries, including Oscar de la Renta, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as President Obama.

In 2005, Pascal was tasked with launching the concept of Fig & Olive Restaurants, which highlights the fresh ingredients that make up the cuisine across Europe’s southern coastal regions. Over the next 10 years, Pascal managed the Fig & Olive menu and seven restaurant openings across three states.

Pascal is taking inspiration from his travels and prior culinary experience to make the leap to finally establish his own restaurant brand with Crudo. The concept will be Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with an Asian touch that features locally-sourced, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian menu items. Pascal is thrilled to bring his vision to his new venture in San Diego.

Four generations of chefs...
From left to right: (1) Joseph Marcotte (grandfather); (2) Robert Marcotte (uncle); (3) Jean Yves Lorange (Pascal with his brother); (4) Xavier Fisset (nephew)